Happy Fall...

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I am so excited that it is finally autumn weather!  This is my favorite time of year in Tennessee, when the leaves are finally starting to change, Starbucks brings back their amazing Pumpkin lattes, and my friend Susanna surprise us with delicious pumpkin muffins!  I of course wanted to take this seasonal opportunity to chalkboard yet another thing in my life and decorate for fall. 
I give you: a chalkboard flower pot.

Now normally the blogger would suggest putting a plant in this pot with a label and called it a day.  Not me.  I kill green things.  Not intentionally, it just happens to the best of us.  So I used my flowerpots as a decorative way to display pine cones, mini pumpkins, and my personal fav- candy corn.  I guess you can put a flower in yours if you want to be a show-off.

 I added a brown paper ribbon around the top, but any color ribbon or twine would work!

 You could even make these Halloween themed with larger pots to hold candy for trick or treaters!  BOO!

 If you are feeling extra creative, you can spray paint your pine cones!  I chose to make mine pink, orange, white and blue.  But to keep with the fall theme you can make yours orange yellow and white.

The great thing about these pots now being chalkboards is that you can change them for every season! 


to the windows, to the walls...

So today i had all intentions of finishing that free desk that i posted yesterday.  {oh yeah- it was FREE} But as most of you have probably experienced, i suffer from crafting ADD.  I have so many ideas, and projects going on that i am having trouble finishing one project before jumping with joy to the next.  I guess you will just have to wait a little longer in anticipation to see the finished desk!

In the meantime i wanted to show you my three favorite walls (and a window or two) in my home.  All of these walls used to be a bland butter cream yellow.  While this color was a great neutral color to have on the walls to sell, it later proved to be boring and inspirational.  Over the past two years i have used unconventional methods to jazz up the rooms that these walls are in and even put up WALLPAPER.  Don't worry mom- you won't be helping be strip this paper off the walls anytime soon... because it is super cute!

I finished this hallway with an antique {FREE} window with original glass, and carved bird bookends!

{Thanks sis for the bookends!}
The more stuff i can cram a wall the better!  This is a frame collage in my bedroom with framed fabric, chalkboard, cork board, letterpress art, and a vintage OWL (yay bird!) crossword from 1972 that i found in the bottom of my vintage metal dresser.

This wall is probably my favorite and the most fun!  I painted an entire wall in my kitchen with
RUST-OLEUM's chalkboard paint and my only regret is that i didn't do this sooner!  This is the first chalk board project i took on, and since then everything i own now is a chalkboard. 

back to work!


fab finds!

This weekend I went to a couple of yard sales with my mom, and it proved to be another great day for deals!  I love the thrill of the hunt, and finding that spectaular one of a kind piece that you MUST have.  My mom also enjoys this and is willing to speedwalk her way in front of you (and old ladies with walkers) to snatch up a great deal.  Some treasures that we got from our outing are:

 a dresser

 an antique rake

a left handed desk

and vintage stainglass Christmas ornaments.

These were just a few of the amazing things that I found- and I only spent $2 on all of it!  Check back to see the transformation on all of it and what else I found! :)

Early Bird,