Full of BS

Hello and Welcome.  I am an East Nashville artist and blogger who lives in an adorable 1930’s bungalow called the bird house.  I love Jesus, polka dots and being bare foot.  I love creating, being inspired and dreaming about the next day I can sleep in past 8.  I am a beach babe at heart and grew up on the Gulf Coast building sand castles and drawing birds on the walls of my parent’s garage. 


My creative journey started young when I began taking private art lessons from my retired art teacher neighbor.  Although he was colorblind he taught me everything I know about painting, design and creative process.  I later went on to get my teaching degree in Art Education and taught for three years.  It wasn’t until I turned 28 and became a student again that I finally felt validated in skill and can now proudly call myself an artist and artist-teacher. 


This little blog is my tale of my art, life, and loves.  While most of the posts will be full of ‘bs’ and incredibly embarrassing, they are all highlights of this beautiful mess I call my life.  Stay awhile, share ideas, and let’s be friends.