DIY Heart

Nothing makes me happier than when I am creating.
Especially when the end product is for the birds.
These cuties are super easy, environment friendly, kid friendly, and an awesome last min craft for the end of summer.
I originally got this idea from where everyone every female gets ideas for anything.  PINTEREST.
You will need:
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
3 tbsp. corn syrup
4 cups bird seed
mix together
And obviously:
A cookie cutter (ideally a heart)
mixing bowl
parchment paper
non-stick spray or veg. oil
Grease up the cookie cutter and your hands, because this stuff is sticky.
Mash birdseed mixture inside heart until it is all the way full.
Carefully poke a hole towards the center of the heart to hang it later.
Next carefully slide the cookie cutter away leaving the birdseed heart in place on parchment paper. 
Allow to dry overnight to ensure it is fully dry and will not crumble.

Once dried, choose string of your choice, creating a loop to hang in the tree.

My attempt resulted in 9 hearts.

We made a second batch using other cookie cutter shapes but honestly most of them weren't recognizable or ended up looking phallic, so I would suggest sticking with the heart.

If you would like to see more craft ideas you can follow me on my Pinterest Boards Here.


Work it.

There are a lot of things that I work for… and more things that I would rather just pay someone else to do to get it done. 
Like yard work, cleaning out the food trap thingies in my kitchen sink, and trying on all my target purchases.
But if I could work for the following and some how all my bills get paid it would be a dream.come.true.

I would work for the ability to twerk.  Seriously.  My dance skill are all but lacking and more on the 'oh that's funny' instead of  'get it' side of things.  I would love to once just break out with legit moves. Or maybe just hide behind a giant teddy bear.


I would work to get to hang out with Zooey Deschanel.  I could help her style her bangs, accessorize her polka dots, and tune her ukulele.  I'm sure she would have a blast.


I would work for unlimited airfare and time to travel.  I could pay for these things but how exciting would it be to constantly be awarded with plane tickets and passport stamps. I want to go to there.


I would work for Peanut Butter M&M's. enough said.

I would work for unlimited passes to hear my favorite bands play.  Or even just a backstage pass.  Or maybe even a record player.  Have I mentioned that I love music and it fuels the majority of all art projects I work on? Current musical obsession is this:

I would work for store credit over at Windsor.  Have you seen the amazing things they have at all to affordable prices??  One could easily re-vamp their wardrobe with just a few clicks.


Alright, so now that I have mentioned a few of the things I would work for, I should probably actually get back to working.   Thanks Erin for hosting this fun impromptu link-up!

And BAM just like that day 3ish of the 30 day challenge!  Thanks Mae- I'm on a roll!


Full of BS

There are a lot of things that are pretty 'cringe worthy' on my blog. 

The longer I am around writing and seeing how everyone else is growing their blogs, I see one common theme. 
If you don't want 'cringe worthy' moments.. stop posting pictures when your are curiously orange and your mouth is wide open.


This beaut right here is not an add for self tanner.
It unfortunately was the photo that greeted people who wanted to learn a little bit more about me under my "About Me" tab at the top of my blog.

Why selfies have become ever so popular is beyond me.

Anyways, I figure that it was about time that I stopped frightening people with my tonsils and get real pictures taken of me, by a real photographer, who happens to be a real best friend of mine. 

She has and will continue to help Photoshop my blog into a new league of pretty.  Feel free to click HERE to read my new About Me section, and also preview a couple of the pictures from our recent photo shoot.

My blog is growing up!  Stayed tuned for more changes to come!
Post number 2 of the 30 day challenge!
We can do this!


Write On

So some pretty cool gals, Mae Mae and Maddie have invite us all to challenge ourselves to write a new post for the next 30 days.

Well... actually it started on August 1st....
So in typical fashion I am about 5 days late to the party.
But who cares... at this point people are feeling pretty good and super excited to see you when you arrive.
(Not that kind of party? It should be.)

So welcome if you are a fellow procrastinating blogger from the challenge! 

Most of you know about my love for all things vintage, free and things of sentimental value.  Recently we were going through my grandmother's house to clear things out, as she's settling into an assisted living home, and it is a thrifter's dream to see the things that have been packed away for decades.

I snagged these puzzle pieces that were most likely something that my dad played with or that my siblings and I played with while visiting my grandmother on our road trips from Florida.  Even though the actual memory isn't there I will treasure these because they came from her, and plus they are ridiculously adorable!

The wooden board that most likely went with this is long gone, but I still think the little man and woman are darling.  I can't decide if I want to use them in an art work or leave them be. 
Lastly, here is a recent picture of my grandmother and my siblings on the Fourth of July.  I swear my brother continues to grow and my grandmother might be shrinking. 
Whew- well that wasn't so bad.  See you folks back here tomorrow for post number   2 of the 30 day challenge!