Full of BS

There are a lot of things that are pretty 'cringe worthy' on my blog. 

The longer I am around writing and seeing how everyone else is growing their blogs, I see one common theme. 
If you don't want 'cringe worthy' moments.. stop posting pictures when your are curiously orange and your mouth is wide open.


This beaut right here is not an add for self tanner.
It unfortunately was the photo that greeted people who wanted to learn a little bit more about me under my "About Me" tab at the top of my blog.

Why selfies have become ever so popular is beyond me.

Anyways, I figure that it was about time that I stopped frightening people with my tonsils and get real pictures taken of me, by a real photographer, who happens to be a real best friend of mine. 

She has and will continue to help Photoshop my blog into a new league of pretty.  Feel free to click HERE to read my new About Me section, and also preview a couple of the pictures from our recent photo shoot.

My blog is growing up!  Stayed tuned for more changes to come!
Post number 2 of the 30 day challenge!
We can do this!

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