Friday Letters...

Dear Neighbor who’s mail I accidentally opened.  I am sorry that I assumed the obvious clothing package was for me, and didn’t hesitate to check the name on the front… and that I laughed at your glittery USA Olympic t-shirt purchase.  I promise I will bring it to you before too long. After I wear it around my living room first.

Dear Friend who confession of writing a song about me had to come out the way it did.  The Tomato Art Fest is no place to have to backtrack for your band mate’s convo flub.  Please let’s go back to the way things were when I had no idea you liked me… things were less awkward then.

Dear hair on my upper lip.  Don’t think you have gone unnoticed.  You embarrass me.

Dear Target, please put your knee high boots out on the shelves already.  You have them available online so what’s the hold up?  These chunky calves (not to be mistaken for cankles) need to try those cute boots on before making a purchase.  I wouldn’t want my online purchases to end up at my neighbor’s house like theirs do.

Dear Man that wheeled my garbage can to the road for me, I am blown away with your act of kindness at 7:30 in the morning.  Enjoy that Colt 45.  You deserve it.

Dear Tennessee, your weather has been amazingly crisp and cooling off.  Thank you for this early treat!  The season change is among us and I can’t help but think that other changes are here too… God I love fall!

Dear Blog Friends, Thank you for staying faithful to this little growing blog.  Oh how this makes me so happy… I will probably pee my pants when I reach 100 followers.  Don’t worry- I will spare pics of this upcoming moment.

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National Middle Child Day!

For all the other middle children out there... today is our day to FINALLY live in the limelight and have the focus on us!  After all the hand-me-downs, shared bedrooms and bathrooms, sneaking my sister's clothes out of her closet while she was sleeping, babysitting my brother, having my little brother trying to convince me that I was adopted, being the peacemaker and trying to not act out for attention- I swear I am not resentful.  Because at the end of the day I know that I am my parent's favorite. :)