Hot Days. Cool Art.

When it starts getting hot outside, make Ice Paint!  This is a fun twist to regular water coloring painting for kids- and a lot more fun too!

{You will need: Popsicle sticks, an old ice cube tray, tempera or craft paint, water and a freezer.}

 Step 1:   Squirt a different color of paint into each cube… or double up.  If you want your paint to be bright and thick pour enough paint to cover the bottom of the cube.  If you want your paint to have more of a water color consistency just put a little dot in each.  There is no wrong ratio of paint to water.

 Step 2:    Add water to ALMOST fill the tray… doesn’t overflow otherwise your colors will run together!

Step 3:  Add a Popsicle stick to each cube. 
(I ran out so I just cut straws to put in each).   And stir the paint/ water mixture.

 Step 4:  Leave the sticks in and freeze- overnight is best!

Step 5:  Remove from freezer and gently twist the tray to loosen up your new paint cubes!  We took ours outside on a hot day and let the ice melt over our crayon drawings making a crayon resist! 

This project is great for little ones because you don’t have to worry about spilling the water cup, rinsing out brushes, or permanently mixing the colors in the watercolor tray.  They can use the sticks to scoot the paint across their paper and the summer heat does the rest!  Older ones can help you mix and there is very little clean up!

Love it!  Happy Saturday!


Paper Phase 1

So every Wednesday for the past three weeks, my roommate and I have been going to a bookmaking class in Nashville.  We are learning different bindings, stitches, and book layouts.  Even though I have taken a book arts class before I feel a little in over my head considering the first book we are making should end up looking like a star (if all goes accordingly). 

We got our supplies late and the teacher continues to assign us homework to catch us up for the next class.  So far we have bought our paper and begun to cut and fold the pieces of paper (there are 28 pages in all with 2 covers).  I wish I have more to show but this is as far as I have gotten:

The paper I am using in my ‘Star Book’ is from a 1976 Road Atlas, scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby, and Canson art paper that can be purchased at any art supply store.

We were able to work quickly and bind the first two layers of pages together tonight using waxed linen.

Check back next Wednesday to see the progress of my Star Book and the start of another one!


Lagoons, Licorice Sticks and Sun Rays

So a couple of weekends ago my mom and I decided to rent a booth at the Nashville Flea Market with only 5 days to prepare. {Insert the YIKES! here} So I went on a crafting and furniture flipping marathon that resulted in me painting till midnight every night and several colors of spray paint in my hair.  One of the many things that I worked on to sell at the Flea was this adorable toddler bed. 

The original finish was wood.  In one of my late night crafting adventures, I came up with this color palette, and was spray painting in my backyard with a flash light. 

Lagoon, Licorice Stick, and Sun Ray:

and here is how it turned out:

I am in love with this color combo so I can guarantee that you will be seeing it again on another project.  I will be posting for the rest of the month of makeovers that made it to the Flea!  Stay Tuned!


June Top 10

New 10 for June:

Sorry for the delay... I was living it up in Louisville with my favorite baby girl and best friends... so without further ado~

1. So You Think You Can Dance
The new season just started and I am already doing awkward leaps in my living room during the commercial breaks.  If you have never cared for reality TV, this show might change your mind.  SYTYCD is beautifully choreographed dancers in perfect movement, perfect costumes, set to the most perfect music.

2.  Tree houses
  Become a kid again and climb a tree!  Cheekwood in Nashville has recently built some pretty cool ones.

3.  Double Doozies
Yes please. Indulge. I know I did this weekend, and with the help of Kristan you can make your own.

4.  Flea Markets
I have always been a fan, but even more so now that I was on the other side of the flea this past weekend.  It was fun being a vendor and getting to tell people to stop taking pictures of my map desk if they weren't going to buy :)

5.  Fish Tail Braid
I'm still trying to master this one still... but I'm thinking I should maybe add the pastel to distract from my imperfect braiding.

6.  One Thousand Gifts 
This book was going to be my number 6.  But honestly I couldn't get through it.  If you have read it let me know... I need some advice on how or why I should keep reading it.

 7. Star Girl
quickly replaced One Thousand Gifts and quickly became one of the most interesting books I have read.  It should bring out the quirky qualities in all of us.

8.  Did I mention I'm lactose-intolerant?


9.  Abiella is officially a McConnell!!!
Check out the McConnell's journey of bringing home their daughter from Ghana, HERE.

10. Birthdays! 
Happy Birthday Mom and Courtney!  Let the celebrations begin!