Holy Bird!

Have you seen this??  Couldn't help but search for 'birds' on pinterest and stumbled across this pin:

Kate over at Design Sponge took a bird cage somewhere i never thought to... on the ceiling!  I love the look of this birdcage chandelier
You are brilliant Kate!

Thanks for not suing and letting us re-pin! :)


Oh Baby!

Welcome to the World sweet baby EVERETT GRACE!

My dear sweet friend Jill just had a healthy baby girl!  We are so excited about how beautiful Baby Evie is and so blessed that we were able to travel to see her.  She is such a beautiful baby that everyone else looks dull in comparison.  So don’t be alarmed at how weird I look holding her.

In honor of her arrival we wanted to make something really special.  Together we came up with painting wooden blocks with her initials, birthday, birth stats, and a sweet message from her honorary aunts.  We chose paint colors to match her adorable bedding and I refrained from putting a bird on the blocks.  Even still they turned out really precious and something unique for Jill to treasure forever.

You should be proud mama!  I know we are!


Vintage Tea Cart

There is nothing better than being able to go yard selling with my mom, especially when i am quick enough to spot a great find before she does.  In this case my mom spotted this vintage tea cart at a sale where all proceeds were going towards a family raising support for their son's adoption AND she bought it for me.  This was a win-win-win!  The tea cart is in amazing shape and the original color was a dull bronze.

After cleaning it up, i wrapped the wheels in plastic bags to avoid the paint.

Then i chose the most bold color of spray paint that i could find: Rust-Oleum's Key Lime!

I love the way it turned out and can't wait to use it!
Happy Spring Everyone!
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