Oh Baby!

Welcome to the World sweet baby EVERETT GRACE!

My dear sweet friend Jill just had a healthy baby girl!  We are so excited about how beautiful Baby Evie is and so blessed that we were able to travel to see her.  She is such a beautiful baby that everyone else looks dull in comparison.  So don’t be alarmed at how weird I look holding her.

In honor of her arrival we wanted to make something really special.  Together we came up with painting wooden blocks with her initials, birthday, birth stats, and a sweet message from her honorary aunts.  We chose paint colors to match her adorable bedding and I refrained from putting a bird on the blocks.  Even still they turned out really precious and something unique for Jill to treasure forever.

You should be proud mama!  I know we are!


  1. Loved your sweet words in this blog!! What a great pic of you and Evie!! I wish I could be artsy like you!!

  2. Beautiful baby and what a lovely memento of the baby's birth. You are very creative and I had to laugh that you refrained from putting a bird on the blocks. I'm bird crazy too. Mary

  3. Ginger you are artsy!!! You were the brains behind the idea!!! :)

  4. She is adorable and love that name! Those blocks are SO SO CUTE! :)

    1. Thanks Savannah! Yeah her name is totally amazing- it's a family name which makes it even better! :)