DIY: Happy Fall Banner

Continuing along with the Fall crafting spree, I added to my a Fall banner created from a vintage map, twine and a little bit of paint. 
Happy Fall!

You will need:
Vintage paper of some sort
A laser printer with Orange Ink
Hot glue gun/sticks
Manila folder (or something to make a triangle stencil with)

Using this free font I printed out each individual letter on the glossary of an old book of maps I had left over from this project.  (You can find the Halloween font for the Pumpkin symbol here)

I created a triangle template out of a manila folder to trace over each letter after they were printed.
Once cut out, I dry- brushed goldenrod paint along the edges of the triangles keeping the brush dry and paint inconsistent. 

By the time my glue gun was warmed up my paint was dry and I was ready to glue twine to the back top of the triangles.  Almost instantly I was able to hang up my new Fall Banner onto my mantel.

It is a festive addition to my Fall Feather Wreath and goes perfectly with the handmade pumpkins I will be adding tomorrow!
See you then!

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Fall Feather Wreath

Hello Birdies!   I just wanted to let you know that it is mid-October and I have not done a single thing to decorate my house for Fall.  {Enter gasps and judgment here.}

Don’t get me wrong, I have been busy.  I jogged for 15 minutes last week.

But after seeing all of you Instagram pictures of the autumn trees, post your pumpkin recipes and pin your ideas for the latest and greatest painted pumpkin,  I decided I should put down the bottle (of cough medicine) and get to work.  So I set out to craft as many Fall themed crafts I could possibly manage in one weekend.

So I pushed through my sore throat (I don’t just drink cough syrup for fun people) and went to my local craft store for a couple of feathers and burlap.  As I was checking out the sales girl repeatedly told me how lucky I was that they actually had burlap in stock.  Apparently some Pinterest wreath is causing a burlap shortage everywhere.  I think my wreath is going to cause the same phenomenon.


I sewed some fabric and burlap flowers, cut out burlap leaves, gathered a wreath, found coordinating twine, heated up my hot glue gun and set out to work.

I’m not sure if it was my fever breaking, or me just being dramatic about the gorgeous outcome… but I have chills!


Join me tomorrow to see how I made a painted Fall banner for my mantel using a vintage map and twine.
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Words to live by...

Sometimes others can just say it better than I can...

Keep walking, though there's no place to get to.
Don't try to see through the distances. That's not
for human beings.
Move within, but don't move the way fear makes
you move.
Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and
Don't open the door to the study
and being reading. Take down a musical

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the



Tea Take Two

Yesterday I was drinking some tea.
By yesterday I mean last week because it has been a good minute since I blogged last. 

So today I thought I would carry on with the tea trend and show you a tea cart that I have made over.  Now this is the second tea cart that I have painted; the first was a gem that I purchased for next to nothing at a yard sale:

It’s super cute with its new key lime make up.

The second and most recent tea cart was found on the side of the road about 100 yards from my house.
I stole it from my neighbor.
Just kidding, they were throwing it away.
On it was nothing but, you guessed it, bird poop.
I’m all about the birds people, but that’s disgusting.
So it sat outside of my house on my back stoop for a couple of days until I go the nerve to clean it.
Once wiped down, I took an electric sander to the surface to rough it up so the layers of white eggshell paint would adhere nicely.
Next I took Miniwax's grey wood stain and barely dipped a clean rag into the can. (make sure it is mixed incredibly well, this stuff will settle on the bottom of the can like crazy).
Taking my stain dipped rag I then rubbed it across the edges of the tea cart and anywhere where it had detail.  Keep repeating this process until you get the desired look.  For a darker contrast keep applying more stain to your project.

Well there you have it.  Lesson learned today: If you are my neighbor, I will steal and paint your trash. 

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Tea Cup Cozy

Its cold, it’s gross out, it’s fall in Tennessee.  Please don’t mistake this as complaining, I am happy about this.  Fall is my favorite time of year (after summer of course).  So there is nothing that I want more on a day like today than to curl up with a blanket and sip on some hot tea.

Luckily for me my cup is cuter than yours.
This isn’t bragging.  Just stating the facts.


See.  It's pretty cute.
Last Christmas my roommate Ivy gave me this adorable knitted accessory (that she made) and was clever enough to not only put a button on it… but the button has a bird on it!  Talk about putting birds on things!  She knows me all too well.

She also made our other roommate a coffee cup cozy too.  Which also happens to be super adorable.
Now go pour yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy the awkward photo shoot that took place this morning in my kitchen before I went to work.  A tea cup is a tough prop people.

You're welcome.


Ten for Ten

October Top 10
1. Anything with a pumpkin spice flavor.
2. Pumpkin carving yo!  Although this year I think I am going to retire my knife and pick up my brush.
3. Being reminded how great your friends are and how lucky I am to have them.
4. Running while looking like a rainbow.  I’m talking Color Run people.  Memphis watch out.
5. Singing Hey Ho on the top of my lungs.  Thank you Lumineers.
6. Fall weather= layering of clothes.  Nothing makes me happier than my cardigans.  Wow. I’m a grandma.   
7. Getting a new phone.  I’m about to blow up instagram.  And kick your booty in Song Pop.
8. Having all the windows in my house open and hearing the train go by in my backyard.
9. Trying to narrow down all my amazing Halloween costume ideas.  This year is going to be epic.
10. A full year after leaving teaching and I am feeling more hopeful everyday about the future.  Whoever needs to grow up?


Friday's Letters #2

Dear Craigslist {Killers} Responders: I appreciate your interest in my Craigslist post for needing a new roommate.  However I guess I should have been more specific… I need a normal person to move into my home.  Not an ex Real World contestant.  Don’t pretend I can’t Google your name and find video clips of you flipping out on your former roommates. 

Dear Butter: I miss you already.

Dear Brother:  I am so proud of you and the restaurant you run.  I can’t wait to make it out to Charlotte to see it for myself!

Dear Free People London Edition: You have given me a new direction for my wardrobe and style.  I can’t wait to look slightly disheveled with a red lip and tiger sweater. 

Dear Election Year:  So we meet again.  You bring out the best in people.  And by best I mean absolute worst.  There is a reason we all go into a tiny little booth to mark a ballot.  Let’s keep our overly pompous opinionated rants in that booth.  K?

Dear Taylor Swift:  We are never getting back together… like ever.  Please go away already.

adventures of newlyweds!


Who says your fish shouldn’t have a custom designed etched fish bowl to call home??
Well, actually I do.  Because that’s ridiculous.
Seriously folks, your beloved gilled friend isn’t going to last more than a couple of weeks, months at best.  (Trust me I had to toss my beta fish in college… literally; right over the ledge of my dorm balcony when he, Nemo, became a floater.)
So don’t waste your time making their habitat homey.
So now that you all know I’m a fish hater…I actually really just like the simple design and shape of the fishbowl.  I purchased it at Goodwill for a grand total of $1 and then let it sit in my attic for about 3 years. 
I swear I am trying to not be a hoarder.
And then I found the inspiration in the most random of places.  I googled “vintage word art” and browsed images until I stumbled upon this beauty, and then my brain somehow made the connection “this is what you should put on that fishbowl.” 
DING DING DING!  Luckily for me (and you) Melissa was nice enough to have an entire post on her instructions on how she did her word art and where to get the free font.  She’s amazing.
I too made a template (mine much smaller than hers).
Taped the template to the inside of the fishbowl and started to trace the image with my electric glass etcher.
About 30 minutes later, voila- etched perfection!
And honestly, with a fat cat like cooper, fish don't stand a chance!  So I will be filling my bowl with Halloween candy! :)



Just wanted to let everyone know that I am participating in a little giveaway over at Living In Yellow and by little I mean it’s the biggest giveaway in the world.  You can win a crap ton of prizes so you should probably head over there, including a gift card from me!  Oh and yes I just said crap ton.
For all the new faces that just want one more entry to increase their chance of winning or for those who want to increase the amount of BS in their life, I welcome you both. 
If you have stuck around long enough to get to this paragraph, congrats!  Let me reward you with a little something about me: 
DI am an artist that lives in East Nashville TN.
DMost days I have a smudge of paint somewhere on my skin, my clothes or in my hair.  None of which are intentional.
DI don’t like to shower.  Which sometimes gets awkward when people ask "oh did you paint today?” and I answer No.  (see the above statement). 
DI own an adorable 1930’s bungalow that is commonly referred to as the Bird House.
DI am learning to take my time and not rush projects.  I curse while standing on my washing machine.
DThe last time my finger nails were unpainted was probably in 2006.  They sometimes look like this.
DI dream about art projects and wake up with amazing revelations about how to finish them. 
DMy life has been a series of awkward embarrassing events.  Including puking on my 6th grade teacher after falling in gym and breaking both my wrists… in front of the ENTIRE 6th grade.

Hopefully you will come back and laugh at me... uh with me again!  And seriously... you should check out the giveaway... now!


This is where I'm at...

I have finally come to terms with the vulnerable statement that I AM AN ARTIST. 
I don't know why it has taken me years of self doubt and insecurities but I am learning and realizing more than ever that I want to create, make, fail, learn, grow and thrive in the art world. Rebekah put's it beautifully what it means to be an artist and why we should invest in artists. 
I know all too well the moments of frustrations and moments of pure joy.  I just think now I am giving those moments validation and letting them take precedence over my 'life responsiblities.' 
Art is my passion.
I am an artist.
My life has new meaning.


Made In Nashville

Hey Hey! Please excuse my brief absence... I have been recovering from a sinus infection and working my booty off getting ready for a little event this weekend called Made In Nashville. Yesterday was filled with local people selling local things that they had made, and I was in heaven! It is so encouraging to be surrounded by people that are positive, and share a similar creative passion.
Welcome to all the new followers who I met at Made In Nashville!
 It was so great to get your feedback and encouragement!  Please keep checking back for an Etsy shop link (WHAT?! Yes I’m getting an Etsy!) and for more local Nashville events where BS will be sold.


 Well I'm out to go pop another Amoxicillin and see if I can get the smell of resin out of my bedroom!
Happy Sunday Y'all


Baby Birds

I'm a sucker for birds. 
Want me to go somewhere?  Entice me with a feather. 
Want to buy me something? Make sure it comes with a bird. 
Want me to paint you a custom piece with a bird on it?  You just became my number one priority.

So when I found out that this little one’s nursery was going to be decorated in Pottery Barn’s Penelope bedding I almost flipped my… uhhh flipped out.  Baby birds in greens and pinks!  Too cute for words.  I knew that I wanted to do something different for Everett’s room.  I pretty much have baby/nursery paintings down to a science.  A lot of pink + baby’s name = one very happy hormonal momma.  (You can see Hannah’spainting, Evie’s painting here).  We had already painted initials and name for Everett when she was born so here was my chance to let my bird craze shine.

So long story longer… I decided to stamp Jeremiah 29:11 on the back ground with a large E, and then painted the Penelope birds on top of the glass instead of a canvas.  The layering of colors and images is phenomenal and I love the look of the paint on the glass.  It makes the whole design pop.


It wasn't me...

Apparently there is another BS running around East Nashville giving us a bad rap.  Whoever you are let’s class it up a bit with prettier font and maybe put a bird on it- gurl.


Sept Top 10

September Top Ten
1. East Nashville Tomato Fest-  Once a year they shut down the 5 points area and fill the streets with a dog parade, tomato costumes, local artists, and food vendors.  It is a must do for the summer.
2. Nail Art- I’m a little obsessed with changing the design on my ‘fancy nail’ and this is my current fav!
3. Phillip Phillips-  I didn’t really care for him when he was on American Idol, but since the Olympics I can’t get his song out of my head.
4. Gallery Girls- this show had major potential to make me want to live in New York again… but now it just makes me what to rock a lot of black and a red lip.
5. Barista Parlor- If you need a caffeine pick-me-up or want to eat amazing waffles with Jack White you should swing by my new favorite coffee shop.  Their hand pour is amazing.
6. Ombre tights- Everything in my life needs to have an ombre.  Starting with these tights.
7. Made in Nashville- You will find me selling my crafty goodness at Centennial Park on September 15th.  Get yo' self some!
8. Dexter- season 6 is off to a gross start… nothing like a full Labor Day Dexter Marathon to waste celebrate the day off!
 9. Vintage Paper- now instead of trying to find actual vintage paper to craft with- duh I can just make it look like it's vintage.  Genius.

10. Summer- we had a good run this season and can’t wait to see your face next year.  You are by far the most relaxing time of the year for me.