Just wanted to let everyone know that I am participating in a little giveaway over at Living In Yellow and by little I mean it’s the biggest giveaway in the world.  You can win a crap ton of prizes so you should probably head over there, including a gift card from me!  Oh and yes I just said crap ton.
For all the new faces that just want one more entry to increase their chance of winning or for those who want to increase the amount of BS in their life, I welcome you both. 
If you have stuck around long enough to get to this paragraph, congrats!  Let me reward you with a little something about me: 
DI am an artist that lives in East Nashville TN.
DMost days I have a smudge of paint somewhere on my skin, my clothes or in my hair.  None of which are intentional.
DI don’t like to shower.  Which sometimes gets awkward when people ask "oh did you paint today?” and I answer No.  (see the above statement). 
DI own an adorable 1930’s bungalow that is commonly referred to as the Bird House.
DI am learning to take my time and not rush projects.  I curse while standing on my washing machine.
DThe last time my finger nails were unpainted was probably in 2006.  They sometimes look like this.
DI dream about art projects and wake up with amazing revelations about how to finish them. 
DMy life has been a series of awkward embarrassing events.  Including puking on my 6th grade teacher after falling in gym and breaking both my wrists… in front of the ENTIRE 6th grade.

Hopefully you will come back and laugh at me... uh with me again!  And seriously... you should check out the giveaway... now!


  1. I did stop by a couple days ago for the giveaway, and I'm glad I did :) I always trust LIY's recommendations, she rocks!!

    Your bungalow is soooo cute! I DREAM of having a house like that one day, lots of character!!!

    1. Thanks love! Glad that you stopped by! :) I need to keep following your blog so I can learn a little somthing about football now the season has kicked off! :)

  2. Hi, I'm visiting from Yours Truly. Excited to poke around!

    ~Bake Up, Little Suzy