Hi- I eat buttons!

So i stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest:

Why didn't i know about these 5 years ago??  In one of my education classes in college my professor was trying to play an 'ice breaker' game with about 25 of us who really just wanted the first day of class to end as quickly as possible.  She wanted us to play the game where we have to go around and recall every one's first name and a 'thing' that starts with the same letter as their first name.

Eternally i was freaking out because i hate any form of public speaking.  It seamed like an eternity but when it was finally my turn i recalled what everyone before be previously said and then... i uttered the words "Hi i'm Brittany and i like buttons".

I was mortified when my teacher stopped the game to ask me if i eat buttons.  I was so nervous about not looking stupid in front of me peers that i missed the instruction of choosing a FOOD, not just anything.  Needless to say i was remembered as the girl that ate buttons.  I wonder if these edible buttons are the ultimate joke on me.  But all this wondering is making me hungry and i really want to buy and eat these! 

'the girl that eats buttons'

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Handy Map Reveal

Earlier in the month I mentioned that I had recently got my hands on an old map of Nashville from the early 80’s.  It was in great condition and has really cool graphics and fonts in it.  My dad has been hanging on to it for quite some time, just in case his trusty memory might fail him, which is silly because he knows his way around Nashville better than anyone I know.  So when my mom secretly sent the retired map my way, I thought what better way to use it then recycle the paper and turn it into a gift for my dad.

So for Christmas (yes I realize it’s already March) I gave my Dad a frame with 4 ‘maps’.  Each map has a significant location in Nashville that it sentimental to my dad. 

These maps show the street that my dad grew up on.  It is his childhood home where my grandmother still lives.  Another map shows the area where he went to high school and the third pic is of where he went to college.

And the fourth map is the street were my parent’s bought their first house after they got married.  They brought both my sister and I home from the hospital to this house.
 My father is a man of MANY words, but this gift left him speechless. :)

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Personalized Blocks GIVEAWAY!!!!

Since my post about the personalized baby blocks was such a hit, I have decided to do another giveaway!  All you have to do is become a follower of my blog by joining my site and leave a comment!  If you are the winner, you will get to customize your blocks order!

You will choose the colors, the message, and style of blocks! 
These blocks are a great gift for YOU or a friend for:
Baby gift-with initials, birthday, sweet message (I love you), bible verse, etc.

Wedding Gift- couples new initials, last name, anniversary, ‘their song’, bible verse, etc.
Anytime gift- Family name, personal initials, initials of loved one, bible verse, home number (address), favorite quote, etc.
You can pick up to 4 items to be painted on three blocks and choose up to 5 colors! 
The contest is for US residents only. Winners will be contacted via email. 

Good luck!