Week Wrap Up

In case you were up to your elbows in Father's Day crafts, or have been in a spray paint haze i wanted to catch you up on what i have been up to this week here at Buttons Birds & BS.  I am trying to challenge myself to blog more regularly and this is one more that i can do just that.

Sooooo.... here we go!

sunday:  I feel in love with this lamp after it was painted and distressed.  You will too!


monday:  Side Stripes on a Side Table... need i say more?

Side Stripes

thursday:   Star Book finished... trip is booked!

Star Book

friday:  GIVE AWAY ALERT!  my mouth is watering thinking about this one...

June Giveaway


June Giveaway!!!

Hey friends! Happy Friday! We made it through another week and can't believe that June is already half way over! I am excited to share that June is going to kick off my monthly giveaways!

When I started thinking about what should kick off the giveaways, I thought about things that I would want to win. Out of everything that I could want... two things came to mind- Coffee and Crafts!

So to help you in your crafting adventures I am giving away a
10$ Starbucks Gift card and a 25$ Hobby Lobby Gift Card!
Just think you can go on a crazy caffeine crafting craze!!!!!!

Ways to enter this fabulous giveaway:

nFollow my blog by clicking the 'Join this site' button.

nGrab either of my buttons and upload to your blog.

nAfter you do either, or preferably both, LEAVE A COMMENT telling me which you did… simple right? As easy as ordering a Frappuccino!

The giveaway is now cosed.


Star Book

Have you ever signed up for something thinking it was going to be amazing and ended up being something that you found yourself dreading?  That is how I was feeling about my bookmaking class this week.  I was just feeling lazy and there were too many steps, too many pieces of paper to cut, and too many different things that were going wrong with my book…  until it started looking like a star!

Funny how your mood changes so quickly when something starts going your way J
I Give you- A Star BooK

After stitching the 7 large pieces together using waxed linen thread, and glued 14 small pocket inserts and glued the covers to the front and back pages. 

I ended up using scrapbook paper to glue around art board to make my covers and twine to tie the Star Book together.                               

Now im pumped about making my next book and filling this one with treasures from my travels!


Side Stripes

After gluing this little side table… I was frustrated because the slats of wood on the bottom shelf weren’t lining up right and it was noticeable that it was not one solid piece of wood.  Then I thought I could use that to my advantage and paint each piece a different color.
 Yippee!  Problem solved!

I painted the entire table white and then I placed masking tape along the edge of each slat creating a perfect straight edge to paint against. 

I used only colors I already had… which most of all are the wall colors of my house. 

The end result is a super cute striped side table that could go in literally any room of my house!



This side table lamp was given to me by my friend Megan’s parents.  I can’t quite remember how they obtained it, but they knew that I could bring it back to life.  So it has been sitting unused in my room for months now.  I was trying to draw inspiration from somewhere… anywhere.  But it wasn’t until I saw vintage lamp redone that I knew it needed to be painted a bright color.

Inspiration:  Thanks to Jen over at The House of Wood

I was so carried away that I almost forgot to take a ‘before’ picture.  So here is the lamp with just a little green paint on it…

And here it is now!

After brushing on two full coats of Organic Garden and letting it dry, I sanded off the edges to give it some dimension and texture.  Now all I need is a lamp shade to finish it off!