Desk Redo...

I found this adorable solid wood desk free off of a neighborhood list serve and loved the potential that is has!  It is a left handed desk with 4 drawers varying in depth.  I found a couple of inspiration pics off of pinterest that really peeked my interest. 

This is the desk before anything has been done to it.  Needs some sanding and cleaning before i can bring it inside.

I love the vintage maps used on the desks!  This got me to thinking about a map that i had left over from a book making project. 

I really liked the pale blue color of this desk with matching chair.  I don't have a chair YET, but i will now be on the look out!
I am so excited to get started on this desk!  But before i can do anything i need to take care of some sanding and deal with a pile of melted wax in one of the drawers.

Stay tuned to see how the desk turns out!

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Mason Jar Giveaway!

This weekend i sold some of my recent projects (soon to be blogged about) at a local school's Fall Festival.  While the overall show was more of a miss than a hit, there was one favorite item that everyone loved.  I have to agree with the public that my Chalkboard Mason Jars are pretty amazing, and i want to share them with you.  I took several vintage mason jars that i got from an estate sale, and chose several cool and funny templates to stencil on using my favorite chalkboard paint. 

After washing off the decades of layered dust,

I used tracing paper to sketch out my designs including a mustache, rooster, and a tree.

To make my life easier i taped my design to the INSIDE of the jar and painted inside the lines, on the outside of the jar.

Since the jars are painted with chalkboard paint, the labels can easily be erased and rewritten with chalk whenever you want to change them!  The winner will receive 3 large mason jars of your choice!

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Last but not least:
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