Matching Lamp...

Well i will be the first one to admit that i am the worst when it comes to technology and seem to always find myself puzzled as to why it is constantly failing me.  After my computer spent the last 24 hours installing updates, i finally can post about the matching map lamp!  I went to upload the before, during, and after photos, and somewhere between the camera and my laptop i lost the whole process of making the lamp.  Needless to say i am super frustrated! 

However i still want to show you where the lamp started and how it ended up.

Here is a teaser of where i had begun to take how to pics.  I used the leftover map piece and Mod Podge to seal the map to the generic, plain, gross, off white lamp shade.  I first painted a coat of Mod Podge on the shade and used bull dog clips to help keep the map in place as i wrapped it around the shade.  Once the map was wrapped all the way around i brushed on another coat of Mod Podge and let it dry.

I moved the Map Lamp to my orange nightstand so it would stand out and not blend in with the desk.

I love that it coordinates with the color scheme of the rest of my bedroom, and the blue i used to paint the base was left over from when i painted my bathroom- which can be seen in THIS POST

If you somehow missed out on the matching Map Desk that goes with the lamp click HERE.



Desk Part 2...

So i am a couple weeks late in posting the finished desk- but i am so pleased with how it came out i can't really be upset with myself! :)  Like i posted before, the desk started out solid brown wood with really great potential in becoming something unique.  Well after finishing the desk i can't help but just stare at it and how pretty it has become!

I first painted the desk with Behr Premium Paint with three coats.  After the paint had dried i measure the inner square on the front of all four drawers and made templates using office file folders.  Once I had my templates i traced an outline of the template onto a vintage map i 'borrowed' from my dad for a bookmaking project that never happened.  (I always have good crafting intentions)  But i am glad that i still had it in my stash because i think it adds just what this desk needed.

Now normally i'm not into things that are super matchy-matchy, but i couldn't resist taking an old lamp that i bought at Walgreen's my freshman year in college, and transforming it into a vintage map lamp.  LOVE the way this looks lit up.  (I'll post tomorrow how i used the left over pieces to make the lamp).

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Mason Jar Giveaway!  Congrats to Mae Mae for winning!
 Stay tuned for more giveaways and furniture makeovers!


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