My Favorite Trio...

So, i am having trouble remembering to stop and pause for a minute and BLOG about all things that i am making!  I wanted to start blogging to capture all of my finished projects, but i had no idea how time consuming blogging was.  It makes me appreciate my favorite blogs and what a commitment those women have made to make their blogs AMAZING. 

Since i am having time management issues this week (let's be real-all my life!) i want to post about three of my favorite paintings that i have (already) made for my home.  All three are large and compliment each space perfectly.  The first is a mixed media work i did while i was in NYC for a summer during college.

This work really means a lot to me and symbolizes my heritage by using thread {my wonderful mom sews, hence my love for buttons} and the journey of my faith.  A journey never ends, so the thread continues outside of the box.  I used natural canvas, paint, sharpies, and orange thread.  To make my life a little easier i poked holes in the canvas first with a large needle to plot my course.  This painting takes up the entire wall above my washer and dryer in my laundry room.

The next work I created originally for my master bath room.  I found a really cute but simple shower curtain on sale at Target and wanted to tie the whole space together with a coordinating painting.  I created (SURPRISE) a silhouette of a bird on a branch.  I layered the background with a solid gray, whitewashed a layer, then stenciled on the pattern of my shower curtain.  Finally I painting the bird in brown.  This was supposed to hang over my toilet... but i thought that it was too pretty not to be a focal point and hidden in my bathroom.  So i moved it to my bedroom and now it hangs over my bed.

My shower curtain inspiration!

Finally my third favorite painting is the focal point of my living room!  Since my house was built in the 1930's it has character and charm but no original lighting.  I would love to have a vintage chandelier installed, but in the meantime i will enjoy my gray and mustard chandelier painting.  In case you haven't noticed i really like silhouettes. 

P.S. Notice how zoomed in it is on each painting??  Yeah- it's because i not only procrastinated blogging, but also put off cleaning my house!  I'm going to go make my bed and take full pictures of each room! 
 Stay tuned for a clean house!  :)


  1. So, so talented!! I am in love with all 3 of these!!

  2. Good stuff! I, too, love birds. In decor, anyway. I appreciate you stopping by my site and leaving me a comment! (Why is getting people to comment like pulling teeth? Do I just like to comment because I'm super opinionated?)
    I posted a link to your site to encourage my meager following (when I get 10 I'm going to throw a party!) to check it out. Here's the link to the post for you. :)