DIY: Happy Fall Banner

Continuing along with the Fall crafting spree, I added to my a Fall banner created from a vintage map, twine and a little bit of paint. 
Happy Fall!

You will need:
Vintage paper of some sort
A laser printer with Orange Ink
Hot glue gun/sticks
Manila folder (or something to make a triangle stencil with)

Using this free font I printed out each individual letter on the glossary of an old book of maps I had left over from this project.  (You can find the Halloween font for the Pumpkin symbol here)

I created a triangle template out of a manila folder to trace over each letter after they were printed.
Once cut out, I dry- brushed goldenrod paint along the edges of the triangles keeping the brush dry and paint inconsistent. 

By the time my glue gun was warmed up my paint was dry and I was ready to glue twine to the back top of the triangles.  Almost instantly I was able to hang up my new Fall Banner onto my mantel.

It is a festive addition to my Fall Feather Wreath and goes perfectly with the handmade pumpkins I will be adding tomorrow!
See you then!

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Fall Feather Wreath

Hello Birdies!   I just wanted to let you know that it is mid-October and I have not done a single thing to decorate my house for Fall.  {Enter gasps and judgment here.}

Don’t get me wrong, I have been busy.  I jogged for 15 minutes last week.

But after seeing all of you Instagram pictures of the autumn trees, post your pumpkin recipes and pin your ideas for the latest and greatest painted pumpkin,  I decided I should put down the bottle (of cough medicine) and get to work.  So I set out to craft as many Fall themed crafts I could possibly manage in one weekend.

So I pushed through my sore throat (I don’t just drink cough syrup for fun people) and went to my local craft store for a couple of feathers and burlap.  As I was checking out the sales girl repeatedly told me how lucky I was that they actually had burlap in stock.  Apparently some Pinterest wreath is causing a burlap shortage everywhere.  I think my wreath is going to cause the same phenomenon.


I sewed some fabric and burlap flowers, cut out burlap leaves, gathered a wreath, found coordinating twine, heated up my hot glue gun and set out to work.

I’m not sure if it was my fever breaking, or me just being dramatic about the gorgeous outcome… but I have chills!


Join me tomorrow to see how I made a painted Fall banner for my mantel using a vintage map and twine.
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