Chalk it up!

I have always known that i am a little obsessed with all things chalkboard- so i wanted to take a second look at my favorite chalked items...

Jump on the bandwagon and cover something with chalkboard paint!  It will change your life!



It's a girl!

Welcome to the world Evie Nicole!
Evie is the sweet niece of a dear friend of mine who i used to teach with.  Once i found out that her brother and sister-in-law were decorating Evie's nursery in an Owl theme, i jumped at the chance to create something special for the special little one.  Evie must have been excited about the Owls too because she came a couple of weeks early!  This was great for all, and gave me a chance to put her full name, birthday, and birth stats on the painting. 

I could not be more pleased with how this turned out especially with the polka dot ribbon!
Happy Monday folks!



April Top 10

My top ten things for April...

drumroll please...

1.Fresh flowers. This makes me love spring time, and appreciate that we actually have seasons in Nashville.

2.Bangs.  They cover up my wrinkles.  Bangs are nature’s botox.

3.Zooey Deschanel.  I love her show, her style and her quirkiness.  She’s the reason I got bangs.

4.The closing time at yard sales when they are packing up and just giving away stuff for free!   Free is awesome!
5.Pastel nail polish.  Nothing say fierce like a baby bird blue!

6.Reece’s Peanut Butter Egg’s.  Nothing like a seasonal excuse to eat more chocolate.
7.Actually being able to find my paintbrushes when I need them.  Yay for organization in my craft dresser!
8.The Hunger Games. The movie and book. Both are AMAZING and I can’t put down book #2!

9.Moustache Paper Clips.  Enough said.
10.Giveaways!… seriously people. free gifts. go play an April Fools joke on someone and then enter to win!

one more day left! :)