Paint-filled Dresser

So i need to admit something...  i am a craft supply hoarder!  The amount of art supplies, free crap that i think i might one day use, and items that i will use someday (when i stop procrastinating) are quickly increasing.  It doesn't help either that i used to be an art teacher and can't seem to throw anything away.  But i have had it with the clutter.  I needed to find a solution to cleverly hide my hoarded treasures, so my friends and family wouldn't turn me in to the state.  Ideally someday i will have a separate art studio where all my supplies can live freely in the open.  But for now i am devoting a space in my bedroom to contain all my artistic junk.  After acquiring a free dresser from a local musician and his wife, i quickly knew what i needed to do. 

This is what the dresser looked like after i unloaded it into my living room- minus the drawers.

And this is what it looks like now.

Trying to not add to my stockpiles of paint, i wanted to use colors that i already had.  So after sanding down the wood, i painted the dresser white, dark gray, and light blue with orange accents.  I am in love with the color combo!

The dresser compliments my room nicely and ascetically conceals some of my art supplies.  I tried to organize each drawer by keeping all like supplies together.  Most drawers hold my various paint bottles, like my spray paint collection in the bottom drawer, which shares space with my sewing box (which is actually a tackle box). 

Another drawer is devoted just to ribbons, staples, and other adhesives.  I am very pleased about getting all of my stuff neatly put away!  But feel that i could do better about organizing the inside of the drawers... so please share your successful ideas!

Now that i have everything put away, I'm feeling inspired to paint!  Hope you are too! 


  1. I love this color combo Brittany! You did an amazing job. I love that feeling of hiding "clutter"...I can so relate with keeping craft supplies around because....you think you "might" use them someday! You have inspired me.

  2. Okay you're like me, I save anything I think I could use later on a project, ha! LOVE this dresser, seriously, I would never have thought to do those colors, but I LOVE them! SO SO CUTE! Good job :)

    1. thanks! Just trying to use left over paint.. so everything in my house is turning gray, white and blue :)