Tattoo Artist

I love tattoos.  If my mom wouldn’t disown me this is how i would look: 

But for her sake i will keep my tattoos on the conservative side and to a minimum.  However, i think that almost always (except for the tragic ones you would typically see at a water park) tattoos are beautiful.  I personally could never be a tattoo artist.  They have to be so skilled and quickly move the ink to create a flawless design right before your eyes.  Oh yeah- and talk about the pressure of not making a mistake!  Knowing myself- i would probably spell someone’s name wrong. 

In a former life i was an art teacher and was always concerned that my young and sheltered students would notice my tattoo and run home crying.  My brother-in-law has a different approach.  He still teaches, and while he will probably never be inked up, most of his students will.  He works with very impressionable high school freshman and is constantly asking them to question whether they are “a tattoo artist or a customer.”   Whether they are going to leave their mark on someone else, or let someone else leave their mark on them.  BRILLIANT- and relevant enough that some of his students actually have listened to him. 

A great quote like this deserves to be on display.  So this is what i gave David for Christmas:

I hope his students enjoy it as much as the mural that i painted on their classroom wall last year…
Happy Leap Day Everyone!!!

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