Coffee Table

I don’t know about you, but it’s really easy for me to deliberately spend hours of intense research on pinterest.  Okay- really I just procrastinate my reality and love to live in a pinterest fantasy where my house, style, and everything else are perfection.  Almost everything on pinterest is great… but occasionally instead of just pinning something pretty I really get inspired to make something.  Lately I have stumbled upon some really cool painted furniture.  I am thinking about taking my coffee table in its current state… 

... and turning it into a funky painted masterpiece. 

Here are some of the inspiration pics that I have recently pinned.

1. Cute quote

 2. Bold Numbers

3. Favorite passage from book

4. Bold Tape Design

 I like them all… so i'm leaving it up to my followers.  Leave a comment on which style I should go with and the design with the most votes will win. 
Happy Saturday!


  1. love them all, but my fave is the quote!:)

  2. My favorite is the quote too! Can't wait to see what you do. Mary

  3. Thanks guys! I love that one too... but still love the others. Guess i will have to paint more than just the coffee table! :)

  4. Passage from a book and the quote are my 2 favs!! Whatever you do it will be AMAZING!!!

  5. Passage from a book for sure! I also want to show you a pic of a coffee table my friend just did with different scrapbook paper....it's really cool too!!!

    1. that's alina-i'm new to blogging...learning!!

    2. Welcome Alina! yes- i want to see that table... i never thought about scrapbook paper!