Getting a new blog!!!

So excited to share that i am in the process of getting a new blog design!  My amazing friend Mae Mae just had her blog re-done and it looks incredible.  So good in fact that i immediately called, emailed and texted her about how good it looked.  Then proceeded to not be able to sleep because i was too awake thinking about how cool my blog could potentially be.

Maddie over at Thriftary is a blog genius.  She is responsible for making Mae Mae's blog come to life and soon mine will be in that club.  She can literally make anything and look fierce while doing it.  I am sooooooooooooooooooo super excited about getting a new blog.  Maddie- i know this might be jumping the gun- but i just am thrilled to get a make-over.  It has even inspired me to blog two days in a row. 

If you don't know either one of these fab ladies, check yourself and then start following.  Both are brilliant,witty and beautiful people.  Take a moment to be jealous of them, and then quickly get inspired by their generosity of sharing their creativity and lives with the world. 

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  1. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! I am so honored!!! Can't wait to get crackin' on this puppy :)