Awkward Family Photos...

I have had this framed Kandinsky's print that I got from a thrift store in college.  It served as a pop of color in the dorm room but hasn't seen artificial light outside of my closet in years.

 I recently decided that I would use the frame for another project (coming soon) and removed what I thought was foam board on the back of the frame.  Once the staples were loosened, this is the treasure that I found!

Instantly I realized that this is a real life Awkward Family Photo that I have had all along!  I hope that you can notice my two favorite things about this pic.  For starters the lady in glasses has her eyes closed, and the lady in the foreground is wearing white pantyhose and you can see the seam line along her toes!  Now I must not judge- someone thought that this photo deemed worthy of being enlarged and framed with a satin hunter green matte.  I am just sad that it took me seven years to realize I had it. 

I do believe that it should be submitted to the glorious website of Awkward Family Photos.  I will leave you with my favorites and let you giggle the rest of your day away.

The Exclusion: She wasn't going going down without a fight.

Treehuggers 3:  There's no substitute for the beauty of nature. 

and my personal favorite...

The Sculpture:  Art from every angle.

It makes you wonder what is hiding behind the rest of my framed thrifted art...


Total Chevron makeover!

Yesterday I brought you up to speed on the painted progress of my laundry room.  It is the EASIEST way to paint a Chevron design on any wall so check out the shortcuts HERE.  After painting the walls and admiring my handy work I set to create the biggest headache of my life.

I tried to install shelves.  Sounds simple right?  After cutting the boards too short, having to repaint new boards white, not properly installing the screws, ripping a bracket right out of the wall, getting a shelf wedged at a diagonal angle in between the two adjoining walls, tearing patches of my drywall out, cursing while I was standing on top of the washing machine, a third trip to Home Depot, coming home and You Tubing a how-to video, freestyle drilling quarter size holes into the walls, using toggle bolts for the first time, and FINALLY getting the brackets secure I could attach the wooden shelves to them.  Whew!  It will be a VERY long time before I attempt to do anything with a bracket and shelf again!

But... the results do look nice.  I love the look of the vintage brackets and the painted yellow detail on the edge of both shelves. So I might be picking up that drill sooner than I think.  Besides the extra storage is priceless!

Happy Monday folks!  This will be the first and last time I will say that I am excited about catching up on laundry! :)

Joining the party and trying to WOW you this Wednesday! :)


I'd rather do laundry than math...

Recently, like many of you, I have jumped onto the Chevron style wagon. I am in love with this pattern, and pleased that I am seeing it EVERYWHERE- including Target!  So I decided that I wanted to add another accent wall to my house and upgrade the visual appeal of my laundry room.  I give you the EASIEST way to paint a Chevron pattern!

First here is a quick before peek of what my laundry room looked like a couple of weeks ago. (Yes it took me weeks to finish this... to the dismay of my sweet roommates!)

I removed my painting and primed the wall above the washer and dryer solid white including the ledge.

 Using painters tape, I lined the edges of the wall and then divided it in half with another piece of tape creating two equal halves.  So this is where I should pause and say that I MOSTLY eyeballed the distances and occasionally referred to a ruler.  I HATE math and was eager to finish this project.  So if you want to spend your time doing long division- go for it smarty pants!

Next I divided the two halves in half by adding two more pieces of tape creating four equal sections.

This is the trickiest part.  Starting from the top of the wall (where it touched the ceiling) I measured down the distance that gave me the desired Chevron point.  In my case it was 13.5".  Please keep in mind that you should measure and then tape each point.  If you measure all and then tape later your sections will eventually become uneven and the whole point of this design is to have repetition and even lines.


Because I taped vertical lines in my Chevron design I was able to line my taped points easily without having to go back and trim the edges to make perfect points.  All I had to do was get the zigzag lines to meet on the vertical ones.  Huge time saver!


Using a sharpie I quickly marked a 'G' for my gray sections and 'Y' for my yellow sections on extra pieces of tape.


Then I used a mini roller handle and rolled on my paint filling in my taped off Chevron pattern. 

I let the paint dry and then painted a second coat.  After waiting a couple of more hours I carefully peeled of the painters tape revealing the crisp white paint underneath.  I love the way this wall turned out and soooooo glad that I didn't spend hours measuring everything.

Painting the Chevron was the easy part of the project!  Check back tomorrow to see how I finished the wall off with shelves and vintage brackets.