Friday's Letters #2

Dear Craigslist {Killers} Responders: I appreciate your interest in my Craigslist post for needing a new roommate.  However I guess I should have been more specific… I need a normal person to move into my home.  Not an ex Real World contestant.  Don’t pretend I can’t Google your name and find video clips of you flipping out on your former roommates. 

Dear Butter: I miss you already.

Dear Brother:  I am so proud of you and the restaurant you run.  I can’t wait to make it out to Charlotte to see it for myself!

Dear Free People London Edition: You have given me a new direction for my wardrobe and style.  I can’t wait to look slightly disheveled with a red lip and tiger sweater. 

Dear Election Year:  So we meet again.  You bring out the best in people.  And by best I mean absolute worst.  There is a reason we all go into a tiny little booth to mark a ballot.  Let’s keep our overly pompous opinionated rants in that booth.  K?

Dear Taylor Swift:  We are never getting back together… like ever.  Please go away already.

adventures of newlyweds!


Who says your fish shouldn’t have a custom designed etched fish bowl to call home??
Well, actually I do.  Because that’s ridiculous.
Seriously folks, your beloved gilled friend isn’t going to last more than a couple of weeks, months at best.  (Trust me I had to toss my beta fish in college… literally; right over the ledge of my dorm balcony when he, Nemo, became a floater.)
So don’t waste your time making their habitat homey.
So now that you all know I’m a fish hater…I actually really just like the simple design and shape of the fishbowl.  I purchased it at Goodwill for a grand total of $1 and then let it sit in my attic for about 3 years. 
I swear I am trying to not be a hoarder.
And then I found the inspiration in the most random of places.  I googled “vintage word art” and browsed images until I stumbled upon this beauty, and then my brain somehow made the connection “this is what you should put on that fishbowl.” 
DING DING DING!  Luckily for me (and you) Melissa was nice enough to have an entire post on her instructions on how she did her word art and where to get the free font.  She’s amazing.
I too made a template (mine much smaller than hers).
Taped the template to the inside of the fishbowl and started to trace the image with my electric glass etcher.
About 30 minutes later, voila- etched perfection!
And honestly, with a fat cat like cooper, fish don't stand a chance!  So I will be filling my bowl with Halloween candy! :)



Just wanted to let everyone know that I am participating in a little giveaway over at Living In Yellow and by little I mean it’s the biggest giveaway in the world.  You can win a crap ton of prizes so you should probably head over there, including a gift card from me!  Oh and yes I just said crap ton.
For all the new faces that just want one more entry to increase their chance of winning or for those who want to increase the amount of BS in their life, I welcome you both. 
If you have stuck around long enough to get to this paragraph, congrats!  Let me reward you with a little something about me: 
DI am an artist that lives in East Nashville TN.
DMost days I have a smudge of paint somewhere on my skin, my clothes or in my hair.  None of which are intentional.
DI don’t like to shower.  Which sometimes gets awkward when people ask "oh did you paint today?” and I answer No.  (see the above statement). 
DI own an adorable 1930’s bungalow that is commonly referred to as the Bird House.
DI am learning to take my time and not rush projects.  I curse while standing on my washing machine.
DThe last time my finger nails were unpainted was probably in 2006.  They sometimes look like this.
DI dream about art projects and wake up with amazing revelations about how to finish them. 
DMy life has been a series of awkward embarrassing events.  Including puking on my 6th grade teacher after falling in gym and breaking both my wrists… in front of the ENTIRE 6th grade.

Hopefully you will come back and laugh at me... uh with me again!  And seriously... you should check out the giveaway... now!


This is where I'm at...

I have finally come to terms with the vulnerable statement that I AM AN ARTIST. 
I don't know why it has taken me years of self doubt and insecurities but I am learning and realizing more than ever that I want to create, make, fail, learn, grow and thrive in the art world. Rebekah put's it beautifully what it means to be an artist and why we should invest in artists. 
I know all too well the moments of frustrations and moments of pure joy.  I just think now I am giving those moments validation and letting them take precedence over my 'life responsiblities.' 
Art is my passion.
I am an artist.
My life has new meaning.