The day I became a vegan...

 Today is the day I became a vegan… well… okay the day I SHOULD become a vegan. Let’s be real folks.  I am lactose intolerant.  This means I tell people that I can’t eat dairy and then I go and get ice cream at Sonic.

 It’s really a lose-lose situation for me and the people in the same room when I choose to break the dairy rules.  But it is sooooooo incredibly hard to turn down amazing pizza, homemade ice cream, buttered popcorn, and queso dip at Mexican restaurants.  What all these foods have in common besides high levels of things that make my stomach churn is that they are all TERRIBLE for me.  So, it has taken me years of justifying ‘just this once’, not so great skin, my mom altering recipes to accommodate my dietary needs, rancid gas, and friends saying ‘have you ever thought about taking a lactaid???' to come to a final conclusion.  I am becoming a Vegan... for 30 days.  I feel that writing this for the world to see will somehow make it more real this time.  (oh I guess I should mention I have made claims like this before). 

I had already been thinking about doing this... but needed the push from Mae's post of a 30 day challenge.  Over at her blog (which is incredible) she talks about the power of consistently doing something for 30 days.  I am hoping that this smaller goal will turn into a lifestyle.

Now older and wiser and more aware of the lasting affects food can have on a person I feel that this time is going to be different.  Are there any other wannabe or real Vegans out there?  Any favorite recipes or tips you would like to share? 
I will post back in a week to let you know how incredibly hard rewarding going vegan has been!


  1. hahahaha that e-card is hilarious. I'm also lactose intolerant and it's terrible. I'm actually on day 24 of a 30 day challenge too, but it's not vegan. It's no dairy or wheat though! I also have tons of dairy-free and some vegan recipes I've tried out on my blog too! Feel free to check it out: http://mackensieg.blogspot.com/ (PS: After 24 days of NO dairy, my stomach feels better than it has in YEARS!!!)

    1. MacKensie! You are a gift from Heaven!!! I can not wait to check out your recipes! This will make it so easier to stick to going no dairy! I have done no dairy before and it TOTALLY makes a difference on how you feel! AHH I can't wait! :)

  2. hahaha the e-card reminded me of a friend who for a first date with a girl made Fetucine Alfredo, turns out she was lactose intolerant but didn't want to make him feel bad after cooking a lovely meal for her and ate it anyways without telling him...it made for an interesting first date to say the least :) but they ended up staying together for years and got engaged