Aug Top 10

August Top 1010Ten.
One. The Wonder Years: I have been re-watching this series on Netflix and I am obsessed!  I want to be Winnie Cooper.  Just need my hair to grow about 6 more inches!

 Two. Cumberland Park- Commonly referred to me as the Riverfront Park.  It is a super cool new green space right in downtown Nashville that allows you to be a kid again.  Heck I still am one and found myself running around at 10 o’clock on a weeknight.  With a stone climbing wall, sand area, tandem see-saw, cloud bridge and interactive splash pad who would ever want to grow up?

 Three. USA.  Olympics.  Gymnastics.  I have been glued to the TV to see how my girl Gabby is going to do.  She is adorable and has killer arms that would rival Madonna’s.  I love the girls team and so proud of them!  Go USA!!!

  Four. Acro-yoga.  It combines acrobatics and yoga.  Seconds after watching this video you will be dusting off your yoga mat and trying to convince your husband, partner, or cat to hoist you up in the air.  I so want to do this!

 Five. Moonrise Kingdom.  Congrats Mr. Anderson, you have done it again.  I found myself so captivated of this new world where it was adorable to carry around a cat, wear knee high socks and just free to be.  My next goal is to become friends with a khaki scout.

 Six. “Heaven Is For Real” I am only a couple of chapters into this one… but I already know that I can’t put it down and I need to know what happens next to this family and sweet 4 year old boy.

  Seven. Name Your Design.  This is a super cool website that let's you customize the absolute cutest things.  I totally ordered a couple of place mats for my two favorite boys.  I must remember this site for kids birthdays from now on!

 Eight. Glow sticks.  We just celebrated my best friend’s birthday with a glow stick party- and it was incredible!  They lit up the party and the glow-in-the-dark chalk on our chalk board wall in the kitchen was a huge success!

Nine.  Just when I thought I couldn’t chalkboard anything else… Pinterest has me considering a new surface. Hmmmm. 

 Ten. Future Plans.  I can’t share exactly what this means yet.  But let’s just say plans were made on a very infamous screened in porch in East Nashville that is leaving me excited, hopeful, and ready to move forward.  God please help us with this one!


5th Year Wood.

Remember when I said that I was taking a staycation at the beginning of July? And then I only posted one time so far for the entire month of July? About my nails none-the-less.  And I forgot to do a July giveaway!  Ridiculous.  This month for be has been the epitome of summer with cookouts, back yard games of corn hole (yes I live in the south), glow stick birthday parties, and extra hangout time with my favorite people.  This past weekend I took an extra special trip to Louisville to celebrate several birthdays and an anniversary. 

In a group effort to not let our hosts Jill and Caleb’s 5th wedding anniversary get over shadowed during the weekend birthday bash, we made them a gift of wood (the traditional 5th anniversary gift.) 

The inspiration came from a piece of wood that I already had hanging on my wall with a half way decent peacock feather painted on it.  It took me about 2.2 seconds to realize that it would be the perfect canvas for the ‘wood’ themed gift.  So I got out my floor sander and made the top layer of wood and paint disappear.

Then I set to work using a Kentucky map, tracing paper and my favorite fonts to make a large letter ‘H’ (for their last name).  I made sure Louisville made it on the ‘H’ since that is where they call home.  To tie it all together I added their wedding year to the bottom of the wooden plaque.

 Happy anniversary friends!  It has been an amazing to see God work in your lives and marriage during these past 5 years!  We love you!