Tea Cup Cozy

Its cold, it’s gross out, it’s fall in Tennessee.  Please don’t mistake this as complaining, I am happy about this.  Fall is my favorite time of year (after summer of course).  So there is nothing that I want more on a day like today than to curl up with a blanket and sip on some hot tea.

Luckily for me my cup is cuter than yours.
This isn’t bragging.  Just stating the facts.


See.  It's pretty cute.
Last Christmas my roommate Ivy gave me this adorable knitted accessory (that she made) and was clever enough to not only put a button on it… but the button has a bird on it!  Talk about putting birds on things!  She knows me all too well.

She also made our other roommate a coffee cup cozy too.  Which also happens to be super adorable.
Now go pour yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy the awkward photo shoot that took place this morning in my kitchen before I went to work.  A tea cup is a tough prop people.

You're welcome.


Ten for Ten

October Top 10
1. Anything with a pumpkin spice flavor.
2. Pumpkin carving yo!  Although this year I think I am going to retire my knife and pick up my brush.
3. Being reminded how great your friends are and how lucky I am to have them.
4. Running while looking like a rainbow.  I’m talking Color Run people.  Memphis watch out.
5. Singing Hey Ho on the top of my lungs.  Thank you Lumineers.
6. Fall weather= layering of clothes.  Nothing makes me happier than my cardigans.  Wow. I’m a grandma.   
7. Getting a new phone.  I’m about to blow up instagram.  And kick your booty in Song Pop.
8. Having all the windows in my house open and hearing the train go by in my backyard.
9. Trying to narrow down all my amazing Halloween costume ideas.  This year is going to be epic.
10. A full year after leaving teaching and I am feeling more hopeful everyday about the future.  Whoever needs to grow up?