Ten for Ten

October Top 10
1. Anything with a pumpkin spice flavor.
2. Pumpkin carving yo!  Although this year I think I am going to retire my knife and pick up my brush.
3. Being reminded how great your friends are and how lucky I am to have them.
4. Running while looking like a rainbow.  I’m talking Color Run people.  Memphis watch out.
5. Singing Hey Ho on the top of my lungs.  Thank you Lumineers.
6. Fall weather= layering of clothes.  Nothing makes me happier than my cardigans.  Wow. I’m a grandma.   
7. Getting a new phone.  I’m about to blow up instagram.  And kick your booty in Song Pop.
8. Having all the windows in my house open and hearing the train go by in my backyard.
9. Trying to narrow down all my amazing Halloween costume ideas.  This year is going to be epic.
10. A full year after leaving teaching and I am feeling more hopeful everyday about the future.  Whoever needs to grow up?


  1. Have fun in the colour run! I wish they had those in England but so far, we don't! They looks great! Have a fabulous October!

    1. Oh you should!!! This will be my first one but I have a feeling it's going to be a blast! Have a fab October too! :)

  2. Cardigans are awesome. So is ANYTHING...yes, ANYTHING pumpkin flavored. :)

  3. Just stopped by from Yours Truly and am now your newest GFC follower. I saw you mentioned leaving teaching. Did you used to be a teacher? I've also recently left teaching. We should chat, lol. Look forward to reading more. :-)


    1. I did! We do need to chat! :) Any former teacher is a friend of mine! haha- seriously though, life is way more stress free now that I have a life outside of a classroom! Looking forward to your next craft! :)

  4. You actually have to narrow down your costume ideas?? Lucky! I haven't thought of anything genius yet...have to keep waiting for something to come to me! :P