Read my nails

So my staycation ended up lasting longer than I had planned.  Oops.  Hopefully you didn't forget about my blog as fast as I did.  I got a little too comfortable watching reruns of The Wonder Years and putting off projects.  By the 10th episode, I didn't want to move off the couch but was a little ready to do SOMETHING.  So I tried to upgrade my fancy nail.

This is what my current nail situation looked like.  They were patriotic but now more like a disgrace to our country.

And this is what I needed to turn them around:

I removed the faded glory and put new coats of Sally Hansen's Shell We Dance and Barracuda on my ring finger.
Once the paint was dry I then dipped my nails into rubbing alcohol and held my finger in the cup for about 3-5 secs. (Do this one nail at a time.)

Then I carefully placed a pre-cut piece of vintage dictionary on my thumb nail.  I held it in place for about 30 sec.  NOTE: I tried different methods here.  Wetting the paper didn't make a difference.  'Real' scrapbook paper wasn't that great of a result.  Shortening the time of pressing the paper made less of a sticky mess but didn't have the greatest transfer results.

Don't be alarmed when the paper sticks to your nails.  At least this is what happened to me every time.  After applying the dictionary pages to each nail I simply washed my hands with soap and water.  An occasional paper fiber will stay behind but once I painted a clear coat I couldn't really notice anymore.

Things to keep in mind:  The font/design should be on the smaller side.  Your type will be reversed, so if you want to actually be able to read it, print off a mirror image so when placed on your nail it will be right side up.  IF you are a perfectionist I don't recommend doing this before going out in public.  It takes a couple a tries to get it right.

Also, I don't recommend doing this project near painted furniture.  My coffee table is the closest thing the to couch (remember I was vegged out pretending I'm Winnie Cooper).  So this could happen to you. 

Guess I know how I will be spending the rest of my Sunday!  Hope you guys had a glorious 4th of July, and an amazing past two weeks!