Melt a Rainbow

Last week Nashville was teased by Mother Nature once again and had another cold spell come through.  Just when i thought that it was already summer i found myself quickly running to grab my coat and crank the heat back up.  So to lift my deprived summer spirits i colored a rainbow.  Well sort of.  Im sure that you all have seen this before with the whole meting crayons fad… but because im 12 years old- i had to try it out! 

All i had to do was hot glue a row of brand new crayons at the top of a canvas.  Then i just turned on my hair dryer and laughed with glee as the colors easily ran down the canvas and mixed together.  This project could not be any easier!

Next time i will buy an extra box of the neon or bright crayons to mix it up with the regular 64 set to really make my rainbow pop!
  Come on summer!