My YouTube Debut

I am sure many of you have posted videos on YouTube of silly pranks, serenades, or even your own version of Beyoncé's single ladies using your cats.

I however am not that cool.

This little video of mine has been hidden on the internet since 2007 when a 'super cool' college professor thought it would be trendy for us to post a lesson on YouTube for credit in one of my art education classes.  I knew then I didn't want my face in the film so my class partner (Jenna) and I came up with the nerdy and brilliant idea to use puppets to create our lesson.

Yes. I said puppets.

Now at the time I was just glad to get the damn assignment over with, because we all know how awful it is to work in groups as an adult.  I cringe every time anyone mentions Aztecs, Puppets, or asks "Hey what was the name of that awful video you have on YouTube??" 

It is so awful in fact that I now think it's awesome and want to share it with the world! 
You and Jenna, wherever you are, can thank me for my amazing improv skills, inability to use my hand once it is in a puppet, and my love for funnel cakes.

(Disclaimer: If you are an art teacher DO NOT show this to your students.  They will mock you)

Happy Friday everyone! 
Now grab a drink and forward this gem to a friend!  It is about time I started making money off this YouTube sensation!


Creative Space

I have been considering for a while now going to a therapist.  So I can have a sounding board and unbiased ears to hear my '20 something's' rant about my quarter life crisis.  While mental health is a serious matter I put it on the back burner and enrolled in grad school instead.

In January I started working on my master of art in Art Education. 
It has been scary, challenging, time consuming, and probably one of the best things I ever could have done for myself.

The program I am in highlights and focuses on personal reflections as an Artist-teacher, not just an art teacher.  It is designed for us in the program to create and make which often doesn't happen with a busy teacher schedule. 

This has proven to be so therapeutic for me and allowed me to grow in self confidence and work harder towards creative dreams.  I will admit though going back to school is not conducive to trying to grow a baby blog, (Time management please!!) but what I have learned is priceless and my blog and future will benefit because of it.

With this slow transformation of my identity as an artist-teacher over the past year and a half, my creative space has also moved, changed, and grown positively. 

Here are a few snippets of my current creative space:


Thank you for staying with me on this creative journey, and not un-following my blog because of my fungus.


There's a fungus among us...

It has recently come to my attention that I need a new doctor.  She became my doctor after I worked in the same doctor's office in high school as a file clerk.  I loved working there alphabetizing patients files and never peaking to see how much they weighed. 

I was a senior in high school.
Her son was a senior in high school.
So of course we dated.

He was my first real boyfriend.  He would pick me up in his mustang.  He would write me poems.  He even sent roses to my school.  He also told his mother everything we talked about and I would have to hear all about it later at the office.
So I dumped him cold turkey.

Now to be fair I had zero experience in life, relationships, and how to work a basic flip cell phone.  I moved on, HE has moved on, but his mother clearly has not.

I only see his mom (my doctor) when I am at my best.  Like last week when I went in for a rash on my torso.  She was not in the room for more than two minutes before she was gushing about how great her son is, how fabulous his job is, and how beautiful his new wife is.

I, being polite, was trying to not scratch my rash and smile and nod agreeing with how successful he had become .  I start crawling out of my skin.  After what seemed like an eternity she finally asked me to lift my shirt and with a gleam in her eye diagnosed that I have a fungus.

That's right folks.
Talk about wanting to crawl into a hole and die.
Out of all the embarrassing diseases, this one is pretty far up on the list.

Faster than I could pull my shirt down she had convinced me to follow her to her office where she preceded to show me photos from said ex-boyfriend's wedding, including bridal portraits.  I get it, I am the perfect daughter-in-law that you always wanted.  But I have moved on, your son has clearly moved on, and you would think after 10 years you would have moved on as well.

So the search is on for a new doctor that will only judge me for my fungus and not for rash (pun intended) decisions I made in 2003. 

On a lighter note the fungus/rash is clearing up.  And it is good to be back.