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I have been considering for a while now going to a therapist.  So I can have a sounding board and unbiased ears to hear my '20 something's' rant about my quarter life crisis.  While mental health is a serious matter I put it on the back burner and enrolled in grad school instead.

In January I started working on my master of art in Art Education. 
It has been scary, challenging, time consuming, and probably one of the best things I ever could have done for myself.

The program I am in highlights and focuses on personal reflections as an Artist-teacher, not just an art teacher.  It is designed for us in the program to create and make which often doesn't happen with a busy teacher schedule. 

This has proven to be so therapeutic for me and allowed me to grow in self confidence and work harder towards creative dreams.  I will admit though going back to school is not conducive to trying to grow a baby blog, (Time management please!!) but what I have learned is priceless and my blog and future will benefit because of it.

With this slow transformation of my identity as an artist-teacher over the past year and a half, my creative space has also moved, changed, and grown positively. 

Here are a few snippets of my current creative space:


Thank you for staying with me on this creative journey, and not un-following my blog because of my fungus.

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