My YouTube Debut

I am sure many of you have posted videos on YouTube of silly pranks, serenades, or even your own version of Beyoncé's single ladies using your cats.

I however am not that cool.

This little video of mine has been hidden on the internet since 2007 when a 'super cool' college professor thought it would be trendy for us to post a lesson on YouTube for credit in one of my art education classes.  I knew then I didn't want my face in the film so my class partner (Jenna) and I came up with the nerdy and brilliant idea to use puppets to create our lesson.

Yes. I said puppets.

Now at the time I was just glad to get the damn assignment over with, because we all know how awful it is to work in groups as an adult.  I cringe every time anyone mentions Aztecs, Puppets, or asks "Hey what was the name of that awful video you have on YouTube??" 

It is so awful in fact that I now think it's awesome and want to share it with the world! 
You and Jenna, wherever you are, can thank me for my amazing improv skills, inability to use my hand once it is in a puppet, and my love for funnel cakes.

(Disclaimer: If you are an art teacher DO NOT show this to your students.  They will mock you)

Happy Friday everyone! 
Now grab a drink and forward this gem to a friend!  It is about time I started making money off this YouTube sensation!

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