This is where I'm at...

I have finally come to terms with the vulnerable statement that I AM AN ARTIST. 
I don't know why it has taken me years of self doubt and insecurities but I am learning and realizing more than ever that I want to create, make, fail, learn, grow and thrive in the art world. Rebekah put's it beautifully what it means to be an artist and why we should invest in artists. 
I know all too well the moments of frustrations and moments of pure joy.  I just think now I am giving those moments validation and letting them take precedence over my 'life responsiblities.' 
Art is my passion.
I am an artist.
My life has new meaning.


  1. I love this! BS, you may just be coming to terms with it, but I have always thought of you as an ARTIST:)! It just is who you are, and that is a gift!!

    1. aww.. thanks Karen!!! Thank you so much for that! I am glad that it is who I am and that others see that too! :) Miss you guys!