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I have a dear friend, whom i treasure with all my heart.  She is thoughtful, funny, super creative and instantly gets on board with any crazy idea i might have.  She is always encouraging and part of the reason i am now in the blogosphere.  Her and her husband recently decided to start the adoption process and there are several of us that are eager to not only find out where they are in the process, but to meet their kids!

(we always look this cute when we craft...)

While going through this process patiently, Mary Susan (the beautiful amazing friend before mentioned) brilliantly came up with an amazing idea to decorate her kids' room.  We were brainstorming and crafting one weekend and she suggested that we could cover everything with chalkboard paint... including a globe.  GENIUS and ADORABLE!  I immediately wanted to steal borrow the idea from her, and thought that it would only be fair if i made one for her too!  I instantly ran out, found a cheap old classroom globe (thanks former employer!) and set to work making a perfect belated birthday present for her. 

All i did was apply 3 coats of chalkboard paint and used a white paint pen to outline both countries.  To finish the look, i repainted the tacky gold base with a fresh coat of BEHR's premium paint.

I love that she will have a permanent outline of the US and Africa with a little heart outline of where her kids' new home will be in Tennessee.  Since the adoption process is sometimes a long one- we can at least preoccupy ourselves by doodling on the globe... oh and you can check out Mary Susan's witty blog HERE to find out how she is preparing for her new growing family. 
It's a small word afterall...

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  1. You, my friend, are a genius and I love you very, very much :) Thanks for the all-too-kind words and the freakin' awesome globe. You rock!