Desk Part 2...

So i am a couple weeks late in posting the finished desk- but i am so pleased with how it came out i can't really be upset with myself! :)  Like i posted before, the desk started out solid brown wood with really great potential in becoming something unique.  Well after finishing the desk i can't help but just stare at it and how pretty it has become!

I first painted the desk with Behr Premium Paint with three coats.  After the paint had dried i measure the inner square on the front of all four drawers and made templates using office file folders.  Once I had my templates i traced an outline of the template onto a vintage map i 'borrowed' from my dad for a bookmaking project that never happened.  (I always have good crafting intentions)  But i am glad that i still had it in my stash because i think it adds just what this desk needed.

Now normally i'm not into things that are super matchy-matchy, but i couldn't resist taking an old lamp that i bought at Walgreen's my freshman year in college, and transforming it into a vintage map lamp.  LOVE the way this looks lit up.  (I'll post tomorrow how i used the left over pieces to make the lamp).

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Mason Jar Giveaway!  Congrats to Mae Mae for winning!
 Stay tuned for more giveaways and furniture makeovers!


Brought to you by another Wow Us Wednesdays!  Thanks Kim for keeping us on track! :)


  1. YES!!!! I won?!?? WOOHOO!!!!! MY FIRST WIN EVER!
    Also, I LOVE THE DESK!!!!!

  2. Love the desk! Honestly much better then the examples you showed from others! Looks really nice! and the "matchy" lamp looks great! :)

  3. Thanks Jill! I like it too! and Yes- Mae- you are the grand winner!!! Let's talk soon about which designs you want! :)

  4. Hi! just wanted to say I love how your desk turned out! Great redo!
    Lina @fancy frugal life

  5. Love this! The desk and lamp are so beautiful! I want to do this with old music sheets, but I'm lacking in the craft skills dept. REALLY beautiful!
    xx, D
    PS- does it show me as one of your followers? I don't show up on your webpage, but when I try to follow it says I'm already following. Hope it's working!!!

  6. Very cool! I love the idea of music sheets in the previous comment tooo! Did you pick maps of particular places?