Week Wrap Up

In case you were up to your elbows in Father's Day crafts, or have been in a spray paint haze i wanted to catch you up on what i have been up to this week here at Buttons Birds & BS.  I am trying to challenge myself to blog more regularly and this is one more that i can do just that.

Sooooo.... here we go!

sunday:  I feel in love with this lamp after it was painted and distressed.  You will too!


monday:  Side Stripes on a Side Table... need i say more?

Side Stripes

thursday:   Star Book finished... trip is booked!

Star Book

friday:  GIVE AWAY ALERT!  my mouth is watering thinking about this one...

June Giveaway


  1. Love everything!!! I had to check out your about me page and spit my water everywhere when I saw your "excited face" picture. You are too cute!

    1. haha, thanks Rasonda! :) It is a pretty impressive face! lol, sorry about your water... and thanks for following! :)

  2. love it all but the stripes on that table are fan double tastic!

  3. You've been busy! I especially love those stripea!