Baby Birds

I'm a sucker for birds. 
Want me to go somewhere?  Entice me with a feather. 
Want to buy me something? Make sure it comes with a bird. 
Want me to paint you a custom piece with a bird on it?  You just became my number one priority.

So when I found out that this little one’s nursery was going to be decorated in Pottery Barn’s Penelope bedding I almost flipped my… uhhh flipped out.  Baby birds in greens and pinks!  Too cute for words.  I knew that I wanted to do something different for Everett’s room.  I pretty much have baby/nursery paintings down to a science.  A lot of pink + baby’s name = one very happy hormonal momma.  (You can see Hannah’spainting, Evie’s painting here).  We had already painted initials and name for Everett when she was born so here was my chance to let my bird craze shine.

So long story longer… I decided to stamp Jeremiah 29:11 on the back ground with a large E, and then painted the Penelope birds on top of the glass instead of a canvas.  The layering of colors and images is phenomenal and I love the look of the paint on the glass.  It makes the whole design pop.


  1. So cute! Glad I found your blog! xo.


  2. I'm so sorry if this offends you, but reading this post, twitter keep crossing my mind. "chip chip!"

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