Tis the Tacky

Tis the Season to be Tacky!
This weekend my roommates and i threw a tacky Christmas sweater party.
Here are some helpful hints to ensure your party is a tacky success!
Keep things lively with your face. Smiles are overrated.
Take advantage of large appliances.  They need decorations too.

Synchronized dances with oversized candy canes are a delight for all guests.
Cats + tinsel = Pure Tacky Joy.

Only invite pretty friends to take pictures with. This is crucial.

Giant origami snowflakes hung low, ensuring that your guests hit their heads on.
 Ghetto-Fab tights that say "Santa's Ho."

Friends with baking skillz who will bring things like this.

Party eyewear from Urban Outfitters.
A professional photographer.  So half your pictures don't look like this.
Ho Ho Ho Yo.


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