2013... WHAT?!

Happy New Years Everyone! What? Yes- I am alive... sorry if you got bored with the lack of postings and moved on to bigger, brighter and bustier blogs.  I guess time just got away from me?  I never intended to take a three month hiatus from this little blog, but hey... a lot has happened.  Good things.

I guess I should catch everyone up on what you missed before I start yapping about the New Year.

So lets do a little recap from October. (ugh I hate myself, that was 10 weeks ago).  For Halloween I dressed up as Zooey Dechanel from New Girl.  Some people got it.  Those are the cool people.

Then there was my birthday where I wanted to revive the 80's.  Little did I intend- I ended up looking exactly like I did in the 80's.

Fast forward through an amazing December, this is what happened after Christmas brunch with my parents.  Yes I inherited their swagger and skills.

Immediately after Christmas I hopped on a mega bus with my bestie and headed to NYC to spend the remainder of 2012 living it up and ringing in a new year!  We hung out with the Radio City camels, had a beautiful snow day in Harlem, and danced the night away on a yacht with fireworks for New Years Eve.

I had an amazing time and have loved reading everyone's New Years Resolutions.  You guys are extremely ambitious.  I know you guys are more than capable, but seriously some lists are crazy long.  I would like to list out my resolutions for 2013.

Blog More.

There.  One thing at a time people.  But don't roll your eyes, I intend to do more than upload posts.  It's about to get real... with real working tabs! Whoop whoop!  Now that I have your attention check back soon (cross your fingers tomorrow) and see what I created for loved ones over the holiday season!

Cheers to the New Year!  It's good to be back!

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