Frames and Twine...

Since Christmas is just around the corner, and i tend to always procrastinate, i wanted to go ahead and start thinking about gifts i can make for my family.  Each year i force my hand-made projects on them discreetly wrapped in really adorable wrapping paper with hand stamped tags.  I found out today (at Thanksgiving dinner) that some of these gifts were conveniently left at my parents house and never brought home last year.  Apparently my cute chalkboard frames were a little too cute for my younger brother, and i am finally taking a hint.  I should probably step away from the chalkboard paint and broaden my crafting horizons before someone gets hurt.  So after seconds of research on pinterest i found a great idea for frames that doesn't involve chalkboard paint:

Inspiration from a really cool lady- gotta love her birds.

So of course after seeing that i immediately had to jump on the frame train and create something just as adorable.  I took an old oval frame that i had lying around and removed the boring print from the back and sprayed painted the frame white.

After the paint had dried i gathered some small screw hooks, twine, and miniature clothes pins.

I screwed the hooks into the backs of the frames trying to keep them as level as possible.  After the screws were in place i looped twine through the hooks and tied it tightly, creating several different rows.

I then cut the extra twine off and hammered the hooks flat against the frame so they would have flush against the wall.

I love the way these turned out!  I plan on hanging these in my kitchen to use it as a recipe holder and message board.   This Twine Frame would be great for photos, jewelry, or even to organize mail or bills.

I loved this so much i had to make another one! And of course add a bird to mine! 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and can find some time this weekend to get a head start on Christmas crafts!


  1. love these frames! neat idea! new follower from follower fest. :)

  2. Another awesome idea! I just saw a similar project to your pinterest inspiration on http://craptastickatie.blogspot.com/
    but I like where you went with it even better!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks guys! Julia- thanks for the link, she has a super cute blog!

  4. She has several cute bird projects, too. ;)
    Just wanted to come back and say thanks, cause you inspired this project:
    Well, the second one in the post, anyway! So, thanks. :)

  5. What a cute idea, I loooove it! I've decided I HAVE to do something similar soon :) Visiting from Julia's blog :)