Merry Indie Christmas!

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On with the spirit of Christmas!  I have been dying to post about my Santa that i found for free at a yard sale several months ago.  I love a good find, especially when the 'find' is FREE.  The women who's house the sale was at seemed super eager to have someone get the Santa (among several other things) off her hands.  I gladly took the Santa plant holder knowing what potential he held.  This is the Santa pre-craft intervention:

 Gotta love his mustache!

After cleaning him up, i took a can a Holiday Red spray paint to him and gave Santa three good coats to make sure he was completely covered.

After Santa was solid red, i went back and spray painted his bucket Holiday Green and added white to make his mustache pop! 

Like i have mentioned before, i have zero ability to keep plants alive, so instead of adding something green to the plant holder i opted for CANDY!  Now my Santa is a candy holder and i can't wait to go out and buy candy canes to go in his bucket!

This project has put me in the spirit to decorate my house for Christmas!
Early Season Greetings to everyone!


  1. Hi! Stopping by from the followers fest, and I looove your Santa candy holder. It looks amazing. What a great find. I am your newest follower & I very much look forward to seeing more awesome transformations :)



  2. Oh MY Gosh!! Sooo cute!!! Great steal!! Love stuff like that :)

    Fancy Frugal Life

  3. so cute! love it! so creative! And how do you always get things for free at yard sales??

  4. He is soooo cute, you have done a great job at sprucing him up :)

  5. Thanks guys! Jill- i think i have a gift from the crafting gods- or i just look gullible enough to take people's trash. :)