Im Back!
Hello friends! Sorry if you were starting to worry about my absence, and i apologize if you never knew i left... but this is my first post in about two months and it feels like a lifetime since i have created and blogged.

A crazy amount of change has happened in my life. With the whirlwind of the holidays, illness, and my computer getting a virus worse than mine, i feel that this weekend was the first time in a long time that i could literally breathe and relax.

Since i have last spoken to you guys my little blog has done something i never thought that it would. It won not one, but two awards! I am so blessed that i have been able to accomplish what i have, but still have so far to go. If you are visiting from Two Hoots & a Holler or Shoe String Bean, i welcome you! You are the reason that i have started this little crafting blog!

I started blogging so i could start to document my creative processes and finished products. Through this outlet i have begun to build a new artistic and creative community that is more supportive, encouraging, and inspiring than i ever imagined. I cannot thank Julia and Mae enough for their words of affirmation and backing my crazy ideas (and lending their amazing ideas in the meantime!)

Okay so enough of me pretending that i am on the Golden Globes of blogging. i need to stop feeling guilty about winning an award while not actually blogging and get to work! Stay tuned for actual crafts and pictures and less ramble of words.
It's so good to be back!


  1. I actually did notice your absence :) We started following each other just before you signed off for a bit. Glad your back and can't wait to see what you come up with especially since you have taken a little hiatus, (even if it was forced by viruses etc.) and are probably rearing to go.

  2. aw thanks! It's good to be back- especially because im dying to catch up on what i have been missing out on with everyone's blogs!