Floating Books

One of my many New Year's Resolutions was to get ORGANIZED this year.  Organized like- no more piles of clutter, or stacks of projects that i am working on, or spending countless hours shifting things to look for other things that i have misplaced.  My new found love is The Container Store that has graced Nashville with everything  you could possibly need or want to get your act together and make your life amazing.  I can easily talk about a two dozen products that i have recently bought that have saved me time and space.  But today i will just mention my first favorite solution for my cluttered book problem.  I want to become an avid reader but didn't have the space (until now) to store books that i have purchased and made. 

This is what the wall looked like pre- floating book shelves.  Empty and not using the potential vertical space.

After drilling screws through the floating bookshelves that i got from The Container Store, and mounting them to the wall...

I was able to chose one book for each shelf that would become the 'base' of each shelf.  The back cover hooks into the bottom, and the front cover rests on top of the extending metal. Which ultimately hides the shelf itself. Brilliant!

I am so amazed at how many books i was able to put on my floating shelves!  Having these books on the wall opened up other space in my room and de-cluttered my nightstand.  It also is a great way to display some of my decorative handmade books.

And of course i had to add an owl to the bottom shelf!  So wise!
I'm excited now to finish reading the books that i started so long ago!  Resolutions here i come!


  1. love the floating shelves and the owl.

  2. Great use of space! Love it! And glad you're back! I missed seeing your creations!

  3. It's a great reminder when you see the books there too to pick one up and read it. I have seen pics of floating books on Pinterest but didn't know they had floating shelves at the container store. Fun!

  4. LOVE IT!!! YOU ARE AMAZING! I agree with Jill! Also, love the Dexter collection you have ;)

  5. Thanks guys! @payne- i've seen pics on pinterest too using vintage brackets which were pretty cool, just loved these because they disappear! @ ginger- you can borrow Dexter anytime! :)

  6. I, too, have pinned pics of these and now am seething with jealousy that you actually have them... Okay, I forgive you because of your cuteness. :)