Doors, Cake and Gift Cards!

Welcome back birdies!  I hope that your weekend was more productive than mine was!  Like every day of my life I had grand plans of knocking out something off my to-do list.  This weekend was going to be the weekend that I repainted my laundry room... but was slowed down by a stomach bug and this sweet pup Marley (aka 'Lady Diesel') instead.

My roommate Ivy however was way more inspired to create than I was!  It pays to live with a talented baker!  Hello angel food cake!

But I did manage to get off the couch long enough to grab these two doors free off a porch in East Nashers.  Project new doors is quickly coming to fruition!

 I can't believe someone didn't want these anymore!

Lastly, you will be this excited when you get these little bad boys in the mail.  Oh wait.. you have to enter to win them first... go for it!


  1. that dessert looks amazing!! and the doors - sweet find!!

    1. Thanks Katie! It taste even better than it looks! :)

  2. Oh my.. the angel food cake makes me hungry!!
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    1. Thanks Paula! I'll go work on that right now! :) And now I am your newest follower! :)