May Top Ten

May Top TeN
1. Community art classes going on at Cohn Adult Learning Center.  I’m pumped about classes starting up and debating between bookmaking and woodworking.
2. Ombre hair.  Going on my third attempt to look like this:
3. Bananagrams- it's like scrabble for the simple minded.  It is perfect for me since i can only spell four letter words.
4. Insert Catchy Title- my dear friend Megan has a gift.  Her ability to catch life through simple snapshots is truly cool.  This is ONE of my fav pic's:
(Tomato Fest in East Nashville)

5. The Help.  After time froze for a week and a half for me to finish The Hunger Games trilogy, it's about time i go back and finish up reading The Help.  Man- it's good.
6. Fish Tacos at Whiskey Kitchen- enough said.

7. Fancy nails- yes please! I'm dying to try this:
8. I’m sure by now you have heard the song “Somebody I used to know’ by gotye.  But have you seen the SNL digital short poking fun at it?  Hilarious! 

9. Farmers Markets.  You should find one in your community if you haven't already.  Buy fresh local produce that is in season!

10. 5Ks.  This month i will be running in the Ellie's Run for Africa. Ellie is an amazing girl that wanted to help kids in Africa, and 8 years later has raised over $300,000 supporting their education.  You can join in by running or donating HERE.


  1. Love EVERYTHING you have on here!!! I see a day of manicures, bananagrams, and the farmer's market in our future!!

    1. Thank love! You want to do all that after WE run the 5K? haha, either way that sounds like a perfect day! Let's make it happen!