March Top 10

March Top 10
So as you can see my New Year's Resolution to blog more has been super successful and by far the best resolution I have ever made.  Real truth- I suck at time management and my blog has take a backseat to my 'real life' priorities.  Considering it's half way through the month I will give you my Top 10 highlights of March so far and resume with the regular Top 10 format in April. (fingers crossed).

I got an A in my first grad school class.  (Yup teacher has become student and I will fill you in on the full development in a separate post).  This is my study companion when I'm not reading at the local coffee shop.

 I am super excited that I recently have started to replace old terrible doors in my house with free older doors.  Say goodbye to bland and hello to character!

My favorite new App for my iPhone is called Typic.  It's my favorite App to add font to your photos!  It's super easy to use and that's how I edited the photo above!  Check out it here if you don't already have it! 
Galaxy Playdough.  Homemade Playdough + Mounds and Mounds of Glitter = me living out my childhood dream as an adult!  Seriously, I pinned this from Pinterest and it has been sooooo much fun.  

Extreme Nail Art.  Not sure if I nailed this look or not... but I must say I am getting pretty darn good at using my left hand to create designs.  The weird thing is I am right handed.  Another weird thing is that I have terrible cuticles. Yikes.


Meet our friend the angry swan.  All I wanted was a picture and he was out for blood.  Until we meet again swan. 
 Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!  Hopefully you ingested large amounts of green food coloring like I did, and got a little crafty.  We used a green pepper as a stamp to create Shamrocks.  Of course then we buried our painting in gold glitter.  For Irish luck you know.


It's finally warming up here in Nashville and I have been taking advantage of the great outdoors!  Goodbye winter!

I have finally become cool and joined the world of Instagram.  I cannot stop snapping photos and editing them with different filters.  Follow me on Instagram to see my life through the lens of my phone.

Last but not least, if you have not seen this video you are seriously missing out.  I cried I was laughing so hard the first time I saw it.  Enjoy! 

Happy March Everyone!

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